The Pilates Barre is more than a one-stop workout routine. When practiced regularly, it will have you looking amazing feeling even better. Our classes are designed to sculpt your muscles, increase flexibility, nurture a body-mind connection and much more.

0061Increase Flexibility & Builds Long, Lean Muscles

Conventional strength training tends to build short, bulky muscles. Through focused, intentional movements, Pilates helps you create longer, leaner muscles and a stronger core. Overtime, expect to see flatter abdominals, muscle tone and increased flexibility.  


Elevate Your Sports Performance

Whether your goal is to run faster, jump higher or perfect your golf swing, our classes can take your physical prowess to the next level. You’ll build and strengthen deep abdominal muscles, contributing to increased balance and stability, while also reducing risk of injury.


0107Greater Strength

The strength gained from practicing Pilates varies from improving day-to-day activities like lifting boxes or carrying a toddler, to finally nailing that double back flip on the high-dive. Movements are tailored to ability, allowing students reach their full potential and experience success at their own rate.


Body Awareness

At The Pilates Barre, form is king (or queen!). Generally, focus is on pulling in the abdominals, sitting tall, keeping shoulder blades away from the ears and breathing. Practicing awareness in these areas helps carry these habits into every day life. So go ahead, kick butts, take names, and feel great while you do it.


0087Body-Mind Connection

Pilates allows you to concentrate your attention on one thing – your body. It’s a time to clear your mind from distractions, focus on your breath, movement, and alignment. In a sense, Pilates is an active meditation, and will leave you feeling lighter, energized, and ready to conquer the world.