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Frequently Asked Questions


We want you to be comfortable during our Pilates classes. If you have any questions, click on the question below for FAQ answers.  If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact us and we will be able to help you out.


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Which class is right for me?

Visit our classes page to learn more about each of the classes. If you have injuries or restrictions please contact us so that we can make sure that you find the perfect class.


How long are the classes?

Classes are 50 minutes long. Each 50 minute class concentrates on developing strength and flexibility, working all 360 degrees of you.


What should I expect?

You should expect personalized attention during a refreshing and powerful session of “ME” time. For more information on each of our class options, click here. For information about what to wear, when to arrive, what to expect during class, and what to bring, click here.


What are the benefits of membership?

Consistency is key in maintaining fitness and that amazing feeling you carry with you after class. Purchasing a membership not only fosters consistency, but it also saves you a ton of dough! For more information and prices on memberships, click here.


How do I book my first class?

Click here to get to the system. If you’re looking for a step-by-step, click here to get to the support section.

Please note-  we will still ask for a credit card number and you will be charged for a full priced class $30 if you no-show. The cancellation policy applies for all classes including the first class.


Can I gift a Pilates Barre membership?

Absolutely! It’s a great gift idea. Here’s the direct link to do it online (click here). You can also purchase at the studio. For step-by-step instruction for purchasing online, click here to get to the support section.


What should I wear/bring to class?

Wear comfortable fitness attire. Please avoid metal zippers, snaps etc. as they can damage the equipment.

“Sticky” socks are required for class. These are for sale at the studio.

Still have questions about what to expect? Click here.


What if I have an injury?

If you have an injury, illness, medical condition, or are pregnant or just had a baby, some of our exercises might not be right for you. Since many conditions are invisible even to our teachers’ trained eyes, please let each teacher know about any injuries or illnesses prior to the start of class.

The Pilates Barre group classes are not appropriate for several medical conditions without significant modifications. Private sessions are a great way to experience The Pilates Barre in a situation that is safe for your medical condition.

  • Contraindications for group classes include:
  • Spinal conditions such as herniated or prolapsed discs, spinal stenosis, spondylosis, etc.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hip or knee replacement
  • Pregnancy or recent childbirth (check out our class descriptions for Push Prep and appropriate pre- and postnatal group classes)

On top of medical conditions and injuries, we believe strongly that it is your responsibility as a student to stop doing an exercise if it feels wrong for your body in any way. Please ask your teacher for a modified exercise (or a different one) if your body tells you it needs it.


What if I am pregnant?

If you pregnant or just had a baby, some of our exercises might not be right for you. Please let each teacher know prior to the start of class.


I’m new to Pilates, am I ready for this?

Our workout is specifically designed for a group setting and doesn’t require prior Pilates experience. We LOVE new students and will happily suggest modifications during class. If you have injuries or restrictions please contact us so that we can make sure that you find the perfect class.




Class passes are valid for 3 months from date of purchase. If a pass expires, you may reactivate it with the purchase of another class pass (a single class purchase will not reactivate your pass).

Current prices and policies are subject to change at any time. All changes will be noted on the website, and price changes will not affect current pass holders.

Please arrive on time for your class. If you are late to your class, your spot may be given to a person on the wait list. We are unable to accommodate latecomers during peak class times.



Cancellations for ANY class occurring before 9 am must be done in MindBody at least twelve hours before the class start time to avoid late fee.
All other classes must be cancelled in MindBody 8 hours before the class start time.
If you late cancel you will lose one class from your package. Monthly Unlimited members will be charged a $25 late cancel fee.



If you No Show (i.e. failing to show up for any reserved class and failing to cancel Online), a $25 No Show Fee will apply, but you will retain the class pass for use during your current package.

There are NO refunds on late fees/no shows.
This applies even if you reschedule for another class the same day.
The schedule opens 30 days in advance and you are able to have 7 50-minute classes scheduled in any Monday-Sunday week. This applies to both monthly unlimited members and class pass holders.



The schedule policies are in place for two key reasons:

They serve as a sincere motivator to attend the classes you reserve and get your amazing happy hour results.
They also serve as a Good Neighbor policy of sorts — because there are a limited number of spots in each class, we want to make sure that as many clients as possible are able to take the classes they want. We want to ensure that clients on the waitlist can be added to open spots in class.
This is a “no exceptions” policy for the reasons stated above. If you have a true emergency, please cancel yourself out of the class online (if possible), and send us an email letting us know what has occurred. We will do our best to make an occasional exception for emergent circumstances.




If your favorite class is booked you can join the wait list!

If you get added into the class from the wait list, you’ll get an email immediately, you’re IN; it’s official!
If you can’t attend, make sure to cancel ASAP! We close the wait list 1 hours prior to each class start time so that you have time to get to class.
If you no longer wish you be on the waitlist, please remove your name. If you get in to a class you are held to the same late cancel and no show policy as all other classes.

Before you use Wait List, make certain that you ‘Opt In’ to receive our emails.
Log in to your account and go to MY INFO to confirm that you have Opted In.
If you’re not Opted In, you won’t receive email confirmations that you have been added to classes, and you WILL be responsible for any Late Cancels & No Shows.