The Pilates Barre

Welcome to The Pilates Barre from your Living Room in the comfort of your pj’s

We offer Live Stream and On-Demand Classes so you can feel more connected to the teachers and students you love seeing in-studio. You can purchase and sign up for these classes on our online scheduling platform, found at the link above. This account and schedule is separate from your in-studio account. Once logged in, the ‘My Account-About’ page will store all contact info, password reset links, current product subscriptions and billing information. You can also access the content you have purchased on this page by selecting ‘View Product’ and then ‘Included Content’


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my user name and password the same combination as it is for my In-studio account through fitDEGREE?

No. These are separate platforms so you will need separate user names and passwords although you can keep them the same to make it easier to remember.

I have the All Access Unlimited In-Studio account. Are the virtual classes included in this package?

Yes! You will receive a coupon code  that you can use at checkout to subscribe to the monthly unlimited online classes.

Do I need to download videos?

No, they will be streamed, similar to Netflix or other streaming services on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.   Please make sure that you are using the most up-to-date version of your browsers to ensure everything works smoothly.

I purchased my product but now can’t find it. Where do I access my videos?

If you are logged in, go to ‘Products’ and under ‘My Products’ you’ll see your purchases. Click ‘View Product’ and then navigate to ‘Include Content’ to begin watching your video.

How to take your Livestream Zoom Class:

  • Sign Up for your class on the ONLINE page of our website. The link to the virtual  Pilates Barre studio is at the top of this page.
  • Once you  have purchased this product, and signed up you  will see the scheduled live-event in your’Event’ tab in your Namastream account. You won’t need to log into Zoom or remember a meeting ID. We are keeping things easy, we hope!
  • Enjoy your class from whatever device you would like to use. You are welcome to keep you audio on and chat before class starts. The instructor will mute everyone once class begins. You can elect to share or turn your video during class. We’d love to see you if you’re comfortable!