BASI Pilates Academy – Phoenix

Pilates Teaching Opportunities

BASI Academy – Phoenix prides itself on high-quality contemporary Pilates instruction with a laid-back, neighborhood vibe. We welcome Pilates instructors who are passionate about Pilates and interested in learning The BASI Academy – Phoenix method of teaching. Being trained in all BASI apparatus is a bonus. Barre and TRX trained? Great! We offer those too. We have multiple levels and styles of classes that fuse the integrity of Pilates with the energy of a group. Teachers should be confident in leading clients of all skill levels through safe but challenging classes. Teachers should be comfortable with providing modifications and variations to meet clients’ skill levels. The candidate’s availability must be open and adaptable (weekends, mornings, evenings), be willing to commit fully to your schedule, and be open to learning new methods/styles of teaching. Already comprehensively trained (classical or contemporary Pilates) or have some Pilates training under your belt but curious to further your education and learn about BASI Pilates? Check out our Teacher Training page for more information about the bridge program we offer.


Our clients are local moms, teachers, and low-key awesome people who don’t care about the boutique studio “cool factor”. We are a non-competitive, clean, and welcoming environment with classes that will sweetly kick your butt. We like to say we are the local barre, where everybody knows your name… and probably your dog’s name too. If you think this fits your personality, and are ready and open to teach, please send your resume and a reference to:



**If you are an instructor who is looking for a safe space to connect to others and just be a student, we would love to have you in class! Sometimes it can be intimidating to take classes at another studio and we understand how nice it is to step into a new space and just be a student. Reconnect to your Pilates practice for $10 a class.**

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